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About Job Seeker Visa

Now a days, Canada is attracting a lot of people to do study and work here. Every country knows that labour helps in financial growth of each country. For this purpose, they have to get work permit.

Work permit can be applied on different basis such as student, temporary employee and open work permit. For students, work permit depends on their study or course.

Foreign workers can get temporary work permit. For this, they must have information like letter from Canadian employer for whom they will work. Students can get work permit on basis of their study such as 2 years program students get 3 year work permit.

Moreover, some people apply as open work permit. Open work permit also depends on spouse. High skilled foreign workers spouse can get open work permit. Open work permit time period varies from 6 months to 1 year.

Job Seeker Visa Eligibility

  • Valid passport
  • You must make sure to visa officer that you will come back when visa Expires.
  • Select program under which you are eligible such as federal work permit, open work permit etc.
  • Submit all other documents if visa officer ask you.
  • Medical

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“Service of Smart immigration is extremely fast, accessible, friendly. I applied for open work permit through Smart immigration and finally I got visa. I confidently recommend to my friends who want to apply for work permit.

Harjeet Kaur

( Canada Jobseeker Visa )