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About Visitor Visa

Number of people want to visit Canada and they want to live in Canada permanently for better future of their family. Many countries provide visitor or tourist visa but each country has different requirements and rules.

Before applying for visitor visa, visitors has to collect all documents and apply according to requirements. Visitor is a person who want to visit Canada for study, start their business here and want permanent residency.

Visitor does not have permanent residency and not a Canadian citizen. Before entering Canada, they have to get visitor visa which is provided for limited period.

Types of Visitor Visa:-It depends on visitor application, they get visitor visa or not. Visitor visa can be apllied on basis of two entries.

  • Single entry visitor visa: This visa is provided for limited time period. Its limit is up to 6 months.
  • Multiple entry visitor visa: This visa is provided for long term. Its time limit can be 5 years.( till up to your passport does not expires)

Documents for Visitor visa

 Before applying for visitor visa, visitors have to collect all information and documents which are necessary. These documents are:

  • Valid passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Family Information
  • Banking Statements
  • Reason of visiting Canada
  • Financial support
  • Sponsorship letter

How to Apply


Collection of Documents


Submission of Application


Interview and Visa Approval

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“I am very thankful to Smart Immigration for their support and quick process for my Visitor Visa. All team members are really good and friendly ”

Harmanpreet Singh

( Canada Visitor Visa )