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About Business Visa

Canada is one most of the countries to live, study and for business. The government of Canada encourages too many people to do investment and start their business in Canada.

Canada allows people to start their business in Canada and also helps in permanent residency. Different regions of Canada has different rules and regulations for investors.

Canada provides lower business costs and corporate tax rates. Before applying for business visa for Canada, you must meet all the requirements which are necessary for stream of business program to which you are applying.

Business Immigration Programs: Before applying for business visa, you have to choose program under which you want to start business in Canada. Different Business Programs are;-

  • Self-employed person
  • Start-up program
  • Federal immigrant investors and Entrepreneurs

Business Visa Eligibility

If you are planning to do business in Canada then you have to all documents and meets the requirements of Business Visa. You should:

  • Have a plan to stay for 6 months in Canada.
  • You cannot enter labour market.
  • Have financial support for stay in Canada.
  • Valid passport and other required documents.
  • Have to come back after 6 months.
  • Have not criminal record.


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“I am trying to go Canada for business from last year. Smart immigration helped me to get business visa of Canada. Now, I am happy because they helped me to complete my dream to start business in Canada. Because of their good service, I recommend to people who are planning to start new business in Canada.”

Jatinpal Singh

( Canada Business Visa )